Before you buy a commercial printer for your business, there are a few things you should know.

Before you buy a commercial printer for your business, there are a few things you should know.

Finding the best printer for your company will be overwhelming. With so many brands and features of commercial printers available in the market today, buying a printer is a daunting task. To narrow down your choices and simplify the task, here are some factors you should consider when buying a commercial printer for your company.

  • Commercial Printer Cost
  • Commercial Printer Speed
  • Commercial Printer Quality
  • Commercial Printer Multifunction or Single-Function
  • Commercial Printer Space
  • Commercial Printer Features of the Network

Commercial Printer Cost

The biggest factor to consider when buying a printer for your company is cost. Inkjet printers are cheaper than laser printers. Almost color inkjet printers cost Rs 10000 to Rs.20000 while color laser printers cost around Rs .10000 to Rs .25000 . However, laser printers are designed for printing large volumes and have a higher toner capacity. A standard toner can print thousands more pages than an inkjet cartridge. Although inkjet Cartridges cost less than laser toner but laser toner costs less per page and are about three to four times cheaper per page than inkjet print.

Also, laser printers have no problem printing on different types of paper, unlike inkjet printers that require specialized paper. Inkjet ink cannot be absorbed as quickly by some papers and there is a high chance of printing spoilage.

Commercial Printer Speed

Another key thing to consider when purchasing a printer for your business is speed. If you need to print a lot, a laser printer is the way to go. They are also appropriate for ordinary office use because they print quickly. Laser printers are often regarded as the quickest printers on the market today. They can print more than 200 monochrome pages per minute.

Commercial Printer Quality

When purchasing a printer, it is critical to look at the DPI, which stands for Dots Per Inch. This determines the printer’s print quality; the higher the DPI, the crisper and more detailed the print.

When compared to inkjet printers, laser printers have a greater resolution. Because there are no fuzzy borders, they can print clearer text. However, if you want to print colorful photos, it is best to utilize inkjet printers because they are less expensive than laser printers.

Commercial Printer Multifunction or Single-Function

Determine whether or not you require a multifunction printer. Multifunction printers are typically the device of choice for small company owners. This is due to the cost savings they may get by not purchasing additional equipment such as a fax machine or a scanner. However, you run the danger of being unable to utilize the entire gadget if one of the functionalities fails.

Commercial Printer Space

Printers come in a variety of sizes and forms. Inkjet printers are often smaller than laser printers. If you have a tiny workplace, go for an inkjet printer rather than a laser printer because laser printers are not suitable for home offices or small businesses.

Commercial Printer Features of the Network

When purchasing a printer, you should also consider network capabilities. Some printers may be shared across a network, allowing several users to print at once. This function is normally found on high-end laser printers, which can be more expensive but will be extremely useful to you.

Purchasing a commercial printer for your business would be a difficult task. However, you will have a simpler time finding one if you evaluate the following six factors: pricing, speed, quality, function, and network features. With the characteristics listed below, you will undoubtedly find this challenging undertaking to be simple and straightforward.

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